First run for a couple of weeks

In spite of all my talking about running, I’ve not actually been out almost three weeks.  The last time I ran was at the Falkirk Parkrun back on 03-Dec, where I ran okay but afterwards found my lower calves on both legs – but especially my right – quite sore.

So, I went out at lunchtime today.  Overall, the results were a mixed bag.

On the positive side, I got round in what is (for me) a fairly reasonable pace. On the other hand, there is definitely still a niggle in my lower calves / achilles tendons.

Hmm… I had planned to visit a physio before I started my marathon training.  I think this is now a “must”

Update: I’m hobbling around the office like a good ‘un now – something definitely not right.  Probably I should be moving around more, rather than sitting stationary in the office.  I’m thinking that I may not be running in the Parkrun on Saturday – which at least saves me the trouble of trying to find any fancy dress for running in the pre-Christmas run!