Macmillan Cancer Support

A few people have asked me whether I am running this marathon for charity.  I always say “no” because the truth is that I am doing this for me.   To me, charity stunts should really be where you donate to show appreciation for someone doing something they wouldn’t otherwise do, and they’re doing it for charity.

Me in my Macmillan vest

However, I asked a few friends, and they general feeling was that they thought it would be a nice idea to use the marathon as a vehicle for raising funds for charity.

And so, I have decided that I shall invite contributions to Macmillan Cancer Support, one of the “official” charities of the Edinburgh Marathon.

My running pack arrived today, with a training plan, fund-raising guide and the famous green vest.  I even – fleetingly – stood outside to let my son Cameron photograph me in it, before rushing back indoors for a heat (vests and negative celsius do not go well together!)

Once I have read through the fund raising guide I shall post here letting everyone know how they can contribute.

I am sure that I don’t need to spend time telling everyone what a good job Macmillan does of supporting those who have this terrible disease.

On the other hand, I have to say that I hate charities badgering folk for money.

So, I shall invite – but not push for – donations to Macmillan.  Once I’ve learned how!