Final preparations

With only one full day left, I thought it might be interesting to go back and look at the training plan.

Training Plan, as printed in February

Splodges in pink are sessions that I missed.  Splodges in green are sessions where I ran, although the exact style and distance may not be exactly as written in the plan.

So how did I do?

Overall I reckon I did fairly well.  I didn’t achieve every session, and I missed a few back at the end of April when I was travelling.

So, that just leaves tomorrow (Saturday).  My exercise tomorrow will be a walk to the barber’s, followed by the railway station, and then a walk back home.  I’m not going to run, I’m not going to be in running gear.  It’s just going to be a gentle walk to keep my muscles moving.

Apart from that, there’s not really any preparation left to do.  I have my running kit all set out, hanging up on a hanger in my wardrobe.  I’m as prepared as I’m going to be, whether that’s good enough or not!

Sunday weather map for Sunday

On Sunday, I plan to get the 08:16 train from Polmont to Edinburgh.  I reckon that train is going to be full of marathon runners!  It is timetabled to get to Waverley at 08:49 – time enough to get my clothes packed into a bag and the bag labelled with my race number.  Then I’ll ditch the bag and try to find a loo.  And stay there until the start!

The weather is beginning to look just a little unpleasantly warm!  The Met Office’s picture shows 16°C, with forecasts showing 18°C.  Given that all my training has been in the winter months, that’s going to be a bit of a shock to the system.

So, that’s about it – here goes!