Shopping List

I’ve not been posting in here much recently, but I have been keeping up with some running.  Normally only a couple of runs a week, but enough to keep my legs turning over.

The varying weather conditions have been making me think about what I will need for the winter, however, and I have built up a little bit of a shopping list.  Specifically, I think I am going to be looking for:

  • New shoes.  Strava tells me that my current shoes have done just over 300 miles, plus there will be some treadmill running it doesn’t know about.  So new shoes some time over the marathon training programme will be needed
  • An running belt – both the SPI Belt and the Flipbelt seem to get great reviews on reddit, I’m not sure which to go for.
  • A bluetooth heart rate monitor.  My Apple watch is okay, but I’ve done a couple of cmparisons which prove that the heart rate data from the Apple Watch is really not terribly good.  And given that I am trying to use heart rate as a major component of my running, I need a heart rate monitor I can trust.  I do, of course, have the option of using my older Garmin, but that goes back to wearing two watches.  And getting away from that was why I went for the Apple Watch in the first place!  Something like this Wahoo TICKR monitor might be the right thing, though it is quite a low priority.
  • A pair of warm thermal running leggings.  I do wonder about the compression ones, but they do seem awfully expensive.  And I might need another pair of “normal” running tights too
  • Possibly another running jacket – it’s frequently wet here in Scotland and my one jacket may not be able to be washed and dried in time for use

Running is supposed to be a cheap hobby – but I seem to be able to find lots to spend my money on…