Photographing Running

Yesterday I would normally have taken part in the Falkirk Parkrun.

Parkruns are great – a free, 5k timed race.  To take part, you register at the web site ( and print yourself a bar code.  Then you turn up at your local event, run, and get your bar code scanned.  Later on that day, you get a text message or email with your time.

Of course, organising these races requires a lot of time, and if you regularly do a parkrun you are asked to volunteer to help out once in a while… and that’s what I was doing yesterday.

My role was “photographer” – so I arrived in Callander Park slightly after 0900 to take pictures of the runners who were out braving the weather.  Attendance was smaller than usual, probably partly because of the weather and partly because it was the morning after a huge percentage of the country was at Christmas nights out.  But they still made an impressive group as they started the race:

2011-12-17-Falkirk Parkrun_0057
Start Of The Race

A fallen tree forced the race onto a slightly different route than usual, and I was able to get this picture of the early leaders crossing in front of Callander House (this will be today’s photo of the day):

2011-12-17-Falkirk Parkrun_0060
Callander House and Parkrunners

Finally the winner came through, in a time of 18:10 – a good six minutes faster than I can possibly do!

2011-12-17-Falkirk Parkrun_0155
Brian Turner finishing in 18:10

The full set of pictures can be seen at

Congratulations to all runners, and I hope to be running next week!