So, yesterday my car had to go in for service.  Not terribly relevant, except that I decided I would run back from the garage to the house when I dropped it in for service.  And then, when it was time to collect the car, I would run to the garage.

The only unpleasantness is that, as the Endomondo track shows, there is an almost unreleting hill from the garage to my house.  So on the way from the garage back home there was a climb of approximately 300 feet.  To my surprise, I still felt fairly okay at the end of it.

By the time I went back to collect the car, of course, I had been sitting around all day working, there was a rush to get there and so I didn’t warm up correctly, and when I arrived at the garage I wasn’t going to stand outside for ten minutes stretching now, was I?  And so I inevitably have ended up feeling a little the worse for wear today.

Motto is: always stretch!

But at least I got a few miles in!