Week Six Of Training

Crumbs… week six!

This week was intended to be a bit of a cut-back week, as I had knackered myself last Sunday.  I ended up with just one midweek run and today’s Alloa half-marathon (a full report on which can be found here).  In some ways that was okay, a good week of taper gave me a quite astonishingly good time of 1:44:00 in the half (well, for me at any rate!).  But now we need to start getting seriously back into the plan…

12 – 18-Mar 2012

Number of runs Two
Links – Friday – 3.75 miles (444 cal)
– Sunday – 13.20 miles (1592 cal)
Total mileage this week 16.95 miles
Calories burned this week 2,036
Total mileage since start 173.60 miles
Calories burned since start 18,532
Sunday morning weight didn’t check