Week Nine Of Training

2012-03-31 (Day 091) Union Canal
Last week’s weather

Firstly I will apologise that this blog is late… a week late to be precise.   I just don’t seem to be getting my act together quite as I should.  Honestly, I’m not trying to hide the fact that my runs didn’t quite come together the way they should!

Last week, the weather was quite beautiful – the warmest March weather ever recorded in Scotland.  This week, things had changed.

By Tuesday, when I was meant to be out doing my first run of the week, the snow was falling and the wind was hammering in from the east, and it was  utterly freezing!

And last week we were eating al fresco!
This week’s weather

So, on Tuesday, I have to confess, I didn’t go for my lunchtime run.

On Wednesday, I was crazy busy at work, and then on Thursday I was at a wedding.  Now, don’t get me wrong; the wedding was lovely and I was delighted to be there, but sadly it wasn’t the kind of event where you could just change into some running kit and slip in a quick six miles without being spotted!

So, eventually I did manage to get out on the Friday. 5.22 miles, so not a huge run, but it did include Wallace Stone Brae which is never an easy run.

My next run was Sunday, where I would the distance back just a touch, as planned.  This was a 15.6 mile run, combining some road work with some canal running, ending up with a nice combination of the two.

Hopefully I’ll do a little better next week!

02 – 08 Apr 2012

Number of runs Two
Links – Friday – 5.22 miles (615 cal)
– Sunday – 15.64 miles (1887 cal)
Total mileage this week 20.86 miles
Calories burned this week 2,502
Total mileage since start 255.76 miles
Calories burned since start 28,408