Week Eleven Of Training

Week Eleven, eh?  Wow, this is getting close…

The most significant thing this week is that I am writing this journal from San Diego, California.  Which means that I have spent rather a lot of time on aeroplanes, and shall be doing the same next weekend… which in turn has had a bit of a knock-on effect on my training.

To be fair, that has gone better than I had expected.

I managed two runs at home during the week, on Tuesday and Thursday.  Nothing terribly special there.  Then Friday was spent flying.

On Saturday I went for a six mile run here in San Diego.  The weather was pretty overcast and dull – not cold exactly, but not too warm either.

On Sunday, I went for a drive and found a place called Lake Miramar, an attractive place where lots of people were running, walking, cycling or roller-blading round the lake.  I decided to try a couple of laps round the track myself (each lap being 5 miles)

I started out well in the overcast conditions.  Then suddenly the sun burned through the cloud and the temperature soared… By mile three I had to stop and walk!

Then the temperature dropped a bit, thank goodness.  It was still very warm, but not insanely so.  I managed to complete the first lap and run a second, but I was not going to try for a third.  Not in those temperatures.

Let’s hope it’s windless and quite cool when the marathon comes!

16 – 22 Apr 2012

Number of runs Four
Links – Tuesday – 4.27 miles (502 cal)
– Thursday – 5.90 miles (696 cal)
– Saturday – 6.86 miles (827 cal)
– Sunday – 10.05 miles (1302 cal)
Total mileage this week 27.08 miles
Calories burned this week 3,327
Total mileage since start 310.73 miles
Calories burned since start 35,081