First Run Since The Marathon

I went out for a run today!

I felt heavy, ungainly and knackered.  And I only ran 2.6 miles!

I drove – yes, I drove – to where the A801 meets the Union Canal, and ran along the canal to the Muiravonside aqeuduct and back.  A grand total of 2.6 miles.  And I felt every pounding, jarring step along the way.

Maybe I’m not fully recovered from the marathon yet.

Actually, the most annoying thing was my right oxter (“oxter” is Scots for “armpit”).  I seem to have rubbed it raw in the marathon; I guess that I keep my arms close to my sides and the skin of my torso and arm rubbing together has caused a series of lesions on my torso, just below my right oxter.

Union Canal Picnic Area

Even a liberal application of Vaseline before I left didn’t help.  It was sore from very early in the run, as the sweat poured into the open wound and my arm continued to rub against my body – I guess I’m going to be wearing short sleeves until it heals up.

There are lots of things going on just now, so I probably ran faster than I should, not really giving this first run the time it needed.  I felt heavy, and as if I was plodding even though I was at times running at better than 8 minutes/mile.

Still, I was able to run, even if I did feel that I was making heavy weather of it.

Now, that was 2.6.  My current training plan has something north of 430 miles on it… just 427.4 to go!

A side note on the Union Canal: it is a contour canal, that is it is built such that it is always the same height above sea level.  So in spite of what GPS says, the towpath doesn’t go up and doesn’t go down – it’s great for running on!