Bad training run

Having contrived to miss my very first training run of the new training plan due to an unexpected meeting, I was determined to get out today for a run.

The run I had missed was a threshold run – ten minutes of warm-up, four sets of “five minutes at threshold followed by one minute of recovery”.

Well, I managed to get out, so that was a good start.

I had recently bought myself a pair of Mizuno long running tights, which I thought might be good for the marathon itself.  So I decided to try them today.  But it was warm, so I was wearing a vest – I must have looked pretty strange in a summer-weather top and winter-weight bottom half!

I set off a bit quickly.  And within the first half mile or so I realised that the running tights I was wearing had a considerably shorter “rise” than I was used to.  So every few hundred yards I was howking them up, and then for the next few minutes worrying that I was showing off my jacksie to the world!

Eventually, though, I forgot about that and started thinking about the running.  After the warmup, my first threshold interval.  To be honest, I think I went at it a bit too enthusiastically.  I was dying on my feet at the end of five minutes, and one minute of recovery was just not enough.

Gamely, I struggled through two more threshold intervals – you can pretty much see them in the “Pace” plot from Endomondo.

But there was no way I was going to manage a third.  So I had three threshold intervals…  Oh well, it’s a start I suppose