Week 6 – Step Back

Another week, another few miles.  Fewer than usual, as this was a “step back” week.

Most marathon training plans seem to be based around a strategy of increasing mileage for a couple of weeks, then an easier week to let your body rest a bit.  Then they continue on from where they left off, increasing the mileage overall.

This week ended up being more of a “step back” week than planned, as I had to make a trip to Nottingham on Tuesday / Wednesday.  I managed to make my Tuesday run, but didn’t do the Wednesday one.  The Wednesday one is the longest weekday run, so it was a bit of a shame to miss it.

Anyway, Monday was the usual rest day and on Tuesday I left from the house.  Most of the run was either downhill or flat, but the final stretch – coming up Quarry Brae – is pretty brutal!

Standard Post-Run Shot
Me with Tess after the run
Total distance: 5449 m
Max elevation: 111 m
Min elevation: 77 m

As I mentioned, I missed the Wednesday run and I didn’t even manage the Thursday run too – I had to stay a little bit late at work and just ran out of time. 

To make up for it, I ran on Friday instead.  I added a loop at the end of the loch that is part of the Linlithgow 10k, which brought the mileage up a little.

In front of the Palace
Total distance: 6700 m
Max elevation: 80 m
Min elevation: 41 m

Saturday dawned dull and slightly rainy.  I had to do six miles at marathon pace today, and I decided it would be along the canal.  So I drove to Tesco and parked the car there, used its facilities and set out along the canal.  Fairly civilised, actually!

It was slightly rainy during the tun, but that’s fine.  I’ll take that over wind or extreme heat any day! (In Scotland, extreme heat means anything over approx 15℃)

Rain at the Muiravonside bridge
Total distance: 10590 m
Max elevation: 83 m
Min elevation: 74 m

And then Sunday.  “Just” nine miles.  Last week I did twelve, so this should be a breeze, right? 

Of course not.  It’s still nine miles, which is a decent run in anybody’s language.  I dropped Cameron off at golf, then went up to the canal.  I turned towards the north and ran out to the Kelpies.  From there, along a selection of footpaths until hitting the Stenhousemuir road, which I took until I met up with the canal again.  And from there, just back towards Camelon and the golf club.

My ugly mug ruining a nice picture of the Kelpies
“Love And Kisses” at Langlees

I was listening to Audible’s “Mo Joe” podcast, and a lady on that said that a pint of milk gave all the protein that one needs after a long run.  So I pad heed to that, and had a pint after the run.  Of milk, of course.

My recovery drink

Writing this the next day, I am aware of feeling quite tired.  My ankles, in particular, are feeling it.  I’m hoping that a bit more sleep will help sort me out – let’s see how things go.

Next week is a “step up” week – and honestly that rather scares me.  Let’s see how it goes.