Final week of pre-training

That’s the final week of pre-training done!

I have no great stories to tell, no drama, but – whisper it! – I am actually starting to feel quite good about running.  My joints are getting used to the idea and not complaining nearly as much as they used to, and my strength and speed are better than they used to be too.  Maybe there is something in this training milarkey!  On the other hand, maybe in a week I’m going to be injured looking back on this as a golden time!

So, three runs again this week.  One round Dalgety Bay, and a second one to go and collect the car after its unplanned sudden arboreal stop at last week’s Falkirk Parkrun.

Finishing at Strathclyde Parkrun.  Photo by Ross Goodman.

Then today I went to the Strathclyde Parkrun, run on the banks of Strathclyde Loch, in… well, Strathclyde.   This is a very flat course compared to the Falkirk Parkrun, so the times are significantly better.  There was a bit of a wind, however, so not as good as they could be.  However, it seemed a really nice, friendly event and I’ll be happy to go back again!  It was also nice that since my parents live nearby, I was able to drop in on them for a coffee after the event!

Unfortunately, I forgot my barcode, so I don’t have a time for the event.  Based on the GPS track I’m claiming somewhere around 23:00 – a whole minute faster than Falkirk!

I bought a waist pouch which I used on my Thursday and Saturday runs.  My phone was in the pouch, and I was using it both for Runkeeper and to play music.  And I discovered what many other runners have fond too, that music can really take your mind off the discomfort and let you focus on going faster, and on keeping going.

This can undoubtedly be a controversial topic for runners, especially in busy races where you really need to know what’s going on around you, but I can foresee quite a lot of music being played, especially on the faster training runs.

Next week, the sixteen week training plan I described before starts.  I think that at present I’m a little stronger than the presumed starting point of that plan, so I intend to push on it a little… I hope that I’ll be able to make some of the runs a little longer than on the plan, or take some a little harder.  I sincerely hope that this isn’t hubris.

Let’s just see how it goes.

30-Jan – 05-Feb 2012

Number of runs Three
Links – Tuesday – 3.69 miles (434 cal)
– Thursday – 5.79 miles (681 cal)
– Saturday – 3.12 miles (367 cal)
Total mileage this week 12.6
Calories burned this week 1482
Total mileage since start 45.63
Calories burned since start 5304
Sunday morning weight 11st 8lb