New Purchases!

I’ve just spent some money on some Runderwear – perhaps it’s to try to get them to stop bombarding me with adverts, I don’t know!

Anyway, I decided I would try their original running pants and a pair of socks.  Socks have been causing me some worry – I used always liked the Lidl / Aldi running socks but in recent years they have stopped selling the nice ones and the new ones feel far more synthetic.  The “feel” of the socks is not nearly as pleasant as it used to be.

So, enter Runderwear.  Their socks feel much nicer to the touch, although they are a little thicker than I am used to.  Maybe that will cushion my feet somewhat, although I am a little worried about how they will fit in my shoe.

The pants are very synthetic feeling; very stretchy and very soft. 

So, I’ll be wearing these tomorrow on my LSR, and will see how they feel.