Week Five Of Training

Another week of training disrupted by business travel… this time I spent a couple of days in the beautiful, yet snowy, Swedish city of Lund.


This was a lovely opportunity to see somewhere new, but on the other hand it did rather mess up the training schedule.   I ran my Tuesday run as normal, but the Thursday run simply didn’t happen.

Come Saturday, I decided to do the parkrun – and then the obvious thought was “why not run to the Parkrun?”  It’s only three miles to the park, it’s all downhill and would be a great warmup.

So, that’s what I did.  and it obviously worked – not only did I manage to put in the miles, but I smashed my PB at the Falkirk Parkrun – down from 23:59 to 22:34 – a whopping 85 seconds off my best time!

It was today that things went downhill.  I realised I was tired when I started my LSR – things just weren’t right.  But I ploughed on regardless, and ran along the canal to the Bantaskine tunnel.  Then I walked through it, and then ran another couple of hundred yards.

To my credit, I managed the Wallacestone Brae without walking, although my time was probably similar to that of a brisk walk.  But it was when I came down Sunnyside Road and realised I was at almost twelve miles that I made the big mistake.  “I’m almost at half marathon distance – why not go for the full 13.1 miles?”

So, I added on an extra mile.  And now I’m tired.  Oh well, nobody to blame but myself.

I predict a week with very little running in the lead-up to the Alloa Half Marathon.

If for no other reason than I have finished “Faceless Killers” and need a new audiobook!

05 – 11-Mar 2012

Number of runs Four
Links – Tuesday – 5.14 miles (619 cal)
– Saturday Part 1 – 2.91 miles (347 cal)
– Saturday Parkrun – 3.07 miles (363 cal)
– Sunday – 13.51 miles (1514 cal)
Total mileage this week 24.63 miles
Calories burned this week 2843
Total mileage since start 156.65 miles
Calories burned since start 16,496
Sunday morning weight didn’t check