Week 2 – Crash

I might have thought I could manage more than a week without crashing, but sadly that hope was not realised

This week started really well.  Monday – New Year’s Day – was a rest day, which I enjoyed to the full.

Tuesday was less cold than it had been, and the relative warmth beckoned.  Having been indoors for ages, pleasantly imprisoned in a centrally-heated space, it was a delight to be able to get outside and get some chill and some rain on my skin.

Running on the Union Canal

The run itself was a pleasant 3.4 miles, I really enjoyed it.

Total distance: 5529 m
Max elevation: 110 m
Min elevation: 67 m

Wednesday saw me back at work, and I had a five miler to do.  So after work I went up onto the canal towpath, and very quickly learned that I need a headlamp.

I had an illuminated belt, which is great.  But I had nothing to help me see where I was going, and that led to a close shave.  Why do bollards have to be so hard?

Total distance: 8484 m
Max elevation: 79 m
Min elevation: 52 m

Then Thursday came.  I was in work all day, but a cold was building up in my chest.  I read various sources, all of which recommended that you do not try to run when the cold is below the neck.  So, I didn’t run.

Later on that evening, I was absolutely frozen.  I went to bed early, and woke late on Friday morning.  I could barely get out of bed.  Saturday was hardly any better, and there was no way I could run on Sunday.

And so that’s it – two weeks in and I’ve already missed half a week.  And this cold is showing no signs of shifting.  I am not impressed…

Training Plan At End Of Week 2