Doing The Hills

I would be lying if I said that hills were my favourite thing. But living where I do, about two-thirds up the valley wall of the southern half of the Forth Valley, I have to get used to them.

Thinking about them made me start wondering about the various hills that I am likely to come across. What are the hills around here?

Here is my attempt to get the low down on the local heights:

DescriptionStart Height (m)End Height (m)Height Gained (m)Over
Heartbreak Hill,
Falkirk Parkrun
Bonnytoun Loop,
Linlithgow 10k
Stirling Marathon,
Alloa Half,
Menstrie Brae
Loch Ness Marathon23.891.767.92.2
Wallacestone Brae,

So, the hill coming out of Dores in the Loch Ness Marathon is clearly not going to be fun. On the one hand, it’s a similar rise to Wallacestone Brae, but over three times the distance. On the other hand, it’s a similar rise to Wallacestone Brae, and it’s at mile nineteen!